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Not a week goes by without some mention in the press or the media about how important it is that South Africa develops the small business sector of the economy.  It is becoming generally accepted that this is the way forward and that the era of the large paternal company that employs thousands of well looked after staff is coming to an end.  Fancy words like "entrepreneur" are becoming part of every day speech, but the heady theoretical views on what a good idea this is are often lost when we are faced with the practical realities.

No matter how much we like the idea, we are not all born "entrepreneurs".  For most of us, we are forced into the situation of simply trying to create income in order to survive.  Whether you're a victim of retrenchment, stone-walled by BEE policies or handicapped by a historically stunted education we all face similar challenges in making our little business survive, be it selling oranges on the street corner, fixing motor cars or making gizmos. The fundamental difference is that we are forced into our position, this is not necessarily our calling in life.

Running your own business is scary.  Generally you have everything invested in it: your precious time, your pride, and of course often all your material possessions too.  It becomes a natural extension of yourself and failure can hurt both emotionally and financially. Of course success brings greater reward than a salaried job, but this is the nature of the business owner beast - a roller coaster ride of highs and lows.

By no means do we hope that running a business should be easy.  We believe in the natural selection process where only the good businesses survive and prosper, but we do have a problem with good business ideas failing due to lack of information or support.  This site is here to collect information for South African small business owners and to provide advice, services, contacts, case studies, statistics and guidelines for all our budding business owners out there who are real people with real problems and not the fictitious, invincible "entrepreneurs" we can only dream of being.

For every business we help succeed, we in turn help create employment, which has the dual affect of reducing economy driven crime as well as creating more business opportunities.  South Africa can, must and will succeed and we can all build our business empires that represent the bricks in the house of a higher quality life in South Africa.

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